Scots hotel


The Scots Hotel management and the staff recognizes the importance of accessibility, and works to advance the issue and to create varied solutions for a comfortable and relaxing vacation. As the hotel is spread out over a large area, we made sure to create conditions that allow easy and independent mobility for all the services the hotel offers. The hotel staff is reliable and professional and will gladly assist if necessary.

Hereby the accessibility arrangements available at the hotel:
Handicap parking: 3 designated handicap parking with a priority location in the front entrance parking lot, 10 m' from the reception. A second designated handicap parking located on the upper level, near the room and the elevator
Accessible restrooms: in the Lobby, Spa and swimming pool(including a ramp). At the front desk: mid-height desk and an accessible sound system. In addition, guests can find a map for accessible areas at the hotel.
One accessible room: entry and shower doors are 90 cm wide, step-free access, near the elevator.
Step-free access through an elevator to the restaurant, lobby, bar, hotel gardens and wellness centre.
Across the hotel there are 7 elevators leading to public locations at the hotel as well as accessible rooms