Scots hotel

Create the Perfect Culinary Getaway

Get away from it all, and leave the cooking to us.
From gourmet experiences at our hotel restaurants to grab-and-go breakfasts,
The scots hotel offers a variety of dining options.

Torrance Restaurant

It is advised to pre-order on the phone:  04-6710730
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Times of meals in the Restaurant:
Breakfast- 08:00-11:00, Dinner- 19:00-21:00

Saint Urban Wine Cellar & Bar

To order events at the Wine Cellar:  04-6710731
Hours of Activity
Open all week from 18:00-23:00

Ceilidh Bar - Scottish bar

Phone for Reservations:  04-6710733
Hours of Operation
Friday: 11:00-24:00, Thursday - Saturday: 11:00-23:00

Torrance Restaurant

The hotel's restaurant is situated in the David building which was originally the maternity hospital. You can eat in the restaurant's balcony surrounded by lush gardens, almost all year round.
The combination of Israeli cuisine with Galilean cooking tradition and influences from Scotland contributes to a flavour-rich culinary experience, turning every meal at the Torrance restaurant into an unforgettable gourmet journey.
The restaurant blends gourmet flavours from all over the world, with a hint of Mediterranean Galilee.
The various dishes use local produce, herbs grown in the hotel's garden, cheeses, fruits and vegetables, homemade jams and a selection of wines all from the farms of the North.

In addition, the hotel hosts leading chefs from around the world, who come to cook and hold workshops for the hotel's guests and gourmands from all over the country, who stay at the hotel to enjoy a culinary experience and a special atmosphere.

The hotel's chef, is constantly refreshing the menu and adding refined surprises. A meal at the Scots Hotel is an extraordinary experience, both with excellent flavours and luxurious European ambience.
It is recommended to book a place in advance by phone: 04-6710730
Order confirmation: Conditional on presentation of a green pass.
Opening hours and meals: Breakfast: 7:00 – 10:00 Dinner: 19:00 – 21:00

Saint Urban Wine Cellar & Bar

The hospital's stove was converted into a prestigious wine cellar. The conversion of the old basalt building into a wine cellar required careful consideration, from the design and renovation of the space, the climate control system, choosing the types of wines, a tasting counter and more.

Saint Urban Wine Cellar & Bar, a place for fine wine, offering a wonderful ambiance, lightning and music with a handpicked, seasonal wine menu consisting of the best and most exiting Israeli wine producers along with small to medium dishes from the hotel’s renowned kitchen. The cellar contains a large variety of wine bottles, all from Northern wineries.

The wines are offered for sale to the hotel's guests and can also be ordered during dinner at the Torrance restaurant. Diners can host up to 15 guests offering gourmet meals and private events (birthdays, wedding anniversaries, business meetings and more.) as well as whisky and wine workshops and tastings.

The menu for private events is specially prepared by the Hotel's chef.
To reserve an event at the wine cellar, call 04-6710733
Order confirmation: Conditional on presentation of a green pass.

Ceilidh Bar

Tradition is a foundation in the culture of a people. Like Hummus to Israelis, so is whisky to the Scots.
The Ceilidh Bar is located in the David's building luxurious lobby. Alongside light meals, cool fruit of the season shakes, hot drinks and an assortment of cakes, there are approximately 80 types of whisky, most of them from Scotland, as well as a large variety of Gin from the best distilleries.
You can enjoy the classic ambience while drinking and enjoying yourself and have each sip take you to whisky distillery all over the world. Regularly featured at the Ceilidh Bar - guest musicians and singers, dancing, alcohol workshops, movies about Scottish whisky production, Scottish scenery and more.
It is recommended to book a place in advance by phone: 04-6710731
Order confirmation: Conditional on presentation of a green sign.