The History Of The Scots Hotel Tiberias

The luxurious Scots hotel was established by the Church Of Scotland in 2004 in the historical compound of the Scottish Hospital, and uniquely combines the 19th century basalt buildings with a modern and up-to-date hotel of international .standards.
When planning the hotel, great emphasis was placed on conserving the character of the compound by producing a synergy between new and old and creating an atmosphere of calmness and mystery. The interior decoration combines the storical character of the buildings with the comfort required from a 5-star hotel. The hotel's staff consists of professionals from all religions, and knows how to provide the best service.
An atmosphere of calmness, quiet and tranquility; combined with history and mystery wrapped expanses; as well service  of the highest level you have ever known. 
For your information:
  • The Torrance restaurant is not Kosher
  • (The hotel has been declared as a non-smoking hotel (except for outdoor smoking areas
  • Please refrain from using cellular phones in the hotel's public areas