Lakeview Spa & Wellness Resort in Tiberias

Between the green gardens of the Galilee and the high mountains of the Golan Heights, on the shores of the Sea of Galilee… here, in this tranquil location we have established our Health Center  set deep in breathtaking scenery and soaked in local tradition.
Enter the faithfully restored ancient building and into the peace and tranquility of the 19th century and the exquisite pampering of the 21st century. Start your journey inward with our welcoming process which includes a bubbling foot bath in mineral rich and revitalizing water. The light, reflected off of the waters of the Sea of Galilee flickers on the ceiling and the intimate treatment room cloaks you with peace and tranquility. Let the professional and sensitive touch of our therapists introduce you to  the LAKEVIEW HERITAGE, our prestigious collection of premium bath & body care products exclusivly developed for the Scots Hotel. Its distinctive fragrance features Patchuli, Musk and White Blossom notes, capturing the unoque atmosphere of the shores of the Lake Tiberias, better known as the Sea of Galilee.
Take the time to find the source for your natural rejuvenation and revitalization, encourage it and bring it out into the open air so that it will go with you from now and until your next treatment.
*Entry to the spa under 18 is forbidden.

Spa Facilities

Lakeview Wellness Centre- Welcome!
We are delighted to welcome you to our new wellness centre. We offer a variety of facilities to help you feel relaxed, rejuvenated and pampered. A romantic spa day, pampering massages, invigorating workouts…?
Choose your desired experience at the Scots Hotel Wellness Centre.

Turkish Hammam

Our traditional Turkish Hammam offers a unique therapeutic experience. A variety of essential oils, chosen especially for your needs, combined with the relaxing properties of the hot steams create an exclusive ambience that soothes your body and soul.

Treatment Rooms

After basking in the serene galilee views, a walk down our ancient stone hallway will lead you to our intimate treatments room, each designed especially for the treatments offered. Our couples treatment room offers a private jacuzzi, to compliment you shared experience.

Relaxation Room

A few minutes of magic await in our secluded relaxation room. overlooking the galilee lake, surrounded by the Scottish Church gardens, along with the sound of waves and birds chirping to accompany your piece of mind. Lean back on our comfortable sun beds and take in the moment, rejuvenated and relaxed.

Equipped Gym

Keep fit and healthy even when you're away from home with our superb workout facilities, located in a fitness centre room outlooking the sea of galilee. Freshen your workout regimen and clear your mind. Making an effort never looked better!
Swedish massage 60 min 380 nis
Swedish massage 90 min 450 nis
Swedish massage - 4 hands 60 min 520 nis
Aromatherapy massage 60 min 380 nis
Aromatherapy massage 90 min 450 nis
Deep tissue massage 60 min 420 nis
Combined treatment 60 min 380 nis
Hot stones massage 60 min 420 nis
Hot stones massage 90 min 480 nis
Polarity massage 60 min 380 nis
Pregnancy massage(week 16) 60 min 380 nis
Shiatsu 60 min 380 nis
Reflexology 60 min 380 nis
Shea Butter massage 90 min 520 nis
Lavender massage 60 min 420 nis
Lavender massage 90 min 480 nis
Relaxing & refreshing Massage 60 min 380 nis
Relaxing & refreshing Massage 90 min 420 nis
Heritage treatment 60 min 420 nis
Heritage treatment 90 min 480 nis
Neck / shoulder / back massage 30 min 220 nis
Hands massage 30 min 220 nis
Foot massage 30 min 220 nis
Peeling & nourishing massage for the feet 30 min 250 nis
Gentle body peeling 45 min 320 nis
Body peeling 45 min 320 nis
Cassa - Turkish body peeling 25 min 280 nis
Turkish massage 45 min 380 nis
Facial beauty treatment 30 min 380 nis
Deep beauty treatment 70 min 420 nis
Private Jacuzzi 1 hour 150 nis